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The regulation of Violence




The aim of this workshop and publication was to analyze how deregulation continues to regulate the social with a focus on how gender and “otherness” are produced, and which socially resistant practices hold relevance within such scenarios – such as artistic practices, queerness, political activism, etc. – and through this to create a politicized space for analysis, creating a history together, mapping how social divisions have been used as a landscape for violence and ultimately for economic productivity, as the contribution to a continuous platform for discussions, analyzing the influence and continuities of capitalist imposition and nationalistic policies onto the bodies and social landscape worldwide. The workshop took place as a performative articulation of theory, as lectures, artworks, screenings, discussions (in English and German), which brought that virtual political space to a concrete local space at the VBKÖ on October 3rd, 2009.

The project built a three-part platform for questioning those points within contemporary political and artistic practices – as it is art, culture and education which can intervene in “reproduction” of ideologies. Therefore, reproductive labor theory was taken from feminist theory to analyze how art can intervene into such a political and social condition. The project networked internationally active protagonists and established a specific space for planning strategies of resistance, for future meetings, talks, exhibitions and publications on contemporary questions of gender, queer and political theory.


Lina Dokuzović is an artist and PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her artwork, research and writing, predominantly as a series of diagrammatical visualizations of theory, analyze the mechanisms of appropriation, privatization and militarization of structures, such as education, culture, the body and land.

The VBKÖ celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year as the first association of women artists in Austria founded in 1910. It was founded as a reaction to the omnipresent sex-specific discrimination of women artists. VBKÖ is considered the most important engine for the first women’s artistic liberation movement in Austria, resulting from the historical women’s rights movement. In its historic premises, international exhibitions, projects and events have continuously been organized with a feminist alignment. The aim was – and is – to change social concepts of inequality, within the prevailing power structures in the world. More details: www.vbkoe.org

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